Apple headset could be announced in 2022, but may not be available soon


A report last week suggested that Apple might be preparing to launch a wearable mixed reality headset in 2022. Before you get too excited, know that this may only come in the form of an announcement and that the availability of the device could actually come a lot later, or at least this What Mark Gurman’s Power On newsletter suggests.

So why not set it up and then just fire it up? According to Gorman, there are several reasons why the headset could launch after 2022. One reason is that Apple will need to work with different partners and governments globally on things like prescription lenses and also work with partners to ship components that they haven’t side shipped before.

As for the reason why Apple intends to announce it first before its launch, it is because of leaks. In this day and age, seeing products leaked before launch is increasingly common. To avoid leaking their product and having competitors steal the idea before it’s officially announced, Apple will announce it first before making it available later.

It is unclear how long it will take between announcement and launch, it has been suggested that it could take up to the original Apple Watch. According to Gorman, the OG Apple Watch has taken 227 days to actually launch from the time it was announced, so the device will likely be announced in 2022, but may only be available for purchase in 2023.

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