Apple Watch saves grandma’s life after alerting her to low heart rate


The Apple Watch comes with a heart rate tracker that users can use to measure their heart rate when they exercise. It can also be used as an alert when it detects that the user may have an exceptionally high or low heart rate which could indicate something is wrong.

We’ve come across countless similar stories in the past, and now it looks like we can add another to the list. According to a report from the KSDK, 68-year-old grandmother Patti Son has credited the Apple Watch with saving her life after being notified that her heart rate was too low.

According to Sohn, she has a healthy lifestyle where she works out regularly, eats right, and made sure to turn off the Activity rings on the Apple Watch her son gave her. However, one day, the watch on her wrist rang to let her know that her heart rate had been lower than 43 for the past 10 minutes.

As a retired nurse, she knew this was lower than usual and had her manually measured her pulse and blood pressure test. Then her husband drove her to Missouri Baptist Medical Center where she was admitted and stayed overnight where she was under constant surveillance.

Sohn was later released and a week later was packing for a trip when her watch disturbed her again. She returned to the hospital where it was discovered that she had a second degree heart block which required the installation of a pacemaker. According to Sohn, there was a small adjustment period to having a pacemaker in her, but she is ultimately happy and grateful to the doctors and her watch for saving her life.

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